A Quick Orientation to the User Interface

Action Windows
Open the Object double click double click
Perform Action on the Object Left or Right mouse click Ctrl-click on a 1-button mouse

Tips and Tricks

Close All Open Windows On empty spot, right mouse click > [Close All]

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl-w Closes the currently focused window
Ctrl-n When a view of a listing is in focus, a shortcut for the command New on the listing's elements type. For example, if viewing a listing of Persons, instead of right-clicking New in the titlebar, just press Ctrl-n
Ctrl-f A shortcut that is active in listings, that places the focus on the search field
F12 Invokes JExplose, a feature similar to Apple's Exposé, that will automatically scale and sort all of the windows on your desktop in order to facilitate the selection and management of multiple windows. This feature can also be invoked from the Desktop's context menu (right-click on an empty spot on your desktop to bring up this menu).
Ctrl-Scrollwheel In the context of a calendar window, can change the resolution of the calendar cells from one minute to one hour using this gesture (for either day view and week view).
Ctrl-I Invoke visual command interface (similar to quicksilver or gnome-do)
Ctrl-q Quit the application
Alt-l Save And Close
Alt-E Edit
Alt-S Save
Alt-C Cancel
Alt-R Refresh