New York WCB C-4*

C-4, C-4.2, C-4.3, C-4Auth, NF3, OT/PT4 and EC-4Narr


ISSUE: Mandatory Long New C4 Forms.
SOLUTION: Electronic Filing == Easy, Fast and Accurate.

According to the New York State Workers Compensation Board, starting from April 1, 2009, the new C4 forms are mandatory. If you continue using old forms, you will be penalized. The Board will not enforce payment for any examinations, services and or treatments provided that are not reported and billed using the correct C4 form. In other words, the carrier will not be required to pay you if you do not use the new forms and the Board will investigate why you are not using the correct new form and if warranted issue an administrative warning or commence temporary suspension or revocation proceedings.

New C-4 form has 4 pages, easier to electronically submit the much shorter EC-4 Narr form with narrative text. BayViewSoft product uses SOAP note templates for narrative text, also allow image attachments.