Medical Billing and Electronic Filing Software

NYS WCB Authorized Vendor

  • Workers Compensation of New York State
    1. New C4, C4.2, C4.3, C4 Auth, OT/PT4, NF3
    2. EC-4Narr, Batch XML Electronic Filing
    3. Narrative text attachments
    4. Saves patient diagnoses history in the database
  • CMS1500 Medical Billing Software
    1. CMS1500 form print
    2. Stringent error checking to avoid claim rejection
    3. HIPAA Compliant, EDI Electronic Filing
    4. EDI Conversion/Translation, ERA 835 Auto Post
  • Trend to Go Electronic:
    1. Minnesota’s E3 Initiative requires all providers to submit all claims electronically by July 15, 2009
    2. BlueCross BlueShield 2009 Paperless Initiative: mandatory electronic claim submission by October 1, 2009
    3. South Carolina Payers no longer accept paper claims from clearinghouses
    4. Turnaround for an electronic claim is 2 weeks; for a paper claim, it's 60 to 90 days.
    5. We Provide Easy EDI Electronic Filing Solution