DrsMagic 2009

CMS 1500 and EDI Electronic Filing


DrsMagic 2009 comes in two distributions, a Single Station distribution and a Network distribution. Both distributions are released in both Lite and Pro versions.

Single Station versions are for installation on a single computer. DrsMagic 2009's industrial strength database and DrsMagic 2009's graphical user interface (GUI) are installed on the same computer. DrsMagic 2009's Administrator has full access to BayViewSoft's multi-user management system allowing an office manager to configure different users with different responsibilities, however only one user can be logged in to a Single Station version at a time.

Network versions can be installed on multiple computers and used by numerous users at the same time. DrsMagic 2009's industrial strength database can be installed on a standalone server or on the same computer as the "Primary" DrsMagic 2009 GUI. Additional DrsMagic 2009 GUIs can be installed on additional computers allowing users with different responsibilities to work at the same time. An office manager creates different users and assigns responsibilities using BayViewSoft's multi-user management system. Network versions include DrsMagic 2009's industrial strength database and licensing for two (2) DrsMagic 2009 GUIs. Additional DrsMagic 2009 GUI licenses can be purchased as required.

DrsMagic 2009 Lite allows claims to be printed for mailing. DrsMagic 2009 Pro includes complete EDI electronic claims filing and management. The following comparison table shows the differences between versions for the Single Station and Network distribution.